The Clarion Rises from the Ashes

By Christopher Wong

Chief Editor


Kennedy has a newspaper?

Yes, the rumors are true.

When I got the newspaper club started last year, I didn’t have much to work with. The club got started late into the year with no money; consisted of a ragtag group of fifteen members; and our advisor, Mr. Smith, fell gravely ill. Without much guidance or much time to work, things did not go very well for the club, as shown by that terrible issue that you should pretend did not exist.

Though the paper had a grim outlook last year, things took a turn for the better this year when we were able to get the club going after school and we got our new advisor, Mrs. Hanzlik’s husband, Mr. Hanzlik. Now, the paper has a steady twenty-five members and a sum of money greater than zero in the bank.

We are publishing the paper in print and also on the school website. My goal for this paper is to make it really relatable and something people want to read, two of the reasons nobody reads newspapers these days. But in order for that to happen, we need to hear from you.

Find our social media links and send us all your comments or suggestions.

You could also email us at

If you send us something really amazing,

we’ll publish it in the paper!

We’re loud and clear and all ears!

The Clarion.

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