Artist Spotlight: Lauren Akabori

By Natassia Aleman-Teweles, Clarion Contributor

Lauren Akabori, a senior here at Kennedy, has been chosen November’s Artist Spotlight of the Month.   She started doing art at a young age; her interests were mostly in clothes design, but as she started taking art classes her interests shifted to sculpting.


At Kennedy she completed Beginning Art and 3D Art before enrolling in AP Studio as a senior.   Although she loves sculpting, Lauren does not have a specific theme or genre. She creates spontaneously with whatever comes to mind.   Lauren also writes for The Pocket News when she has time.

I sat down with Lauren between classes and asked her about her art.


Clarion: Classes/ training?

Lauren: Sophomore year I took computer graphics, last year (my junior year) I took 3D and regular art, now I am in AP art.


Clarion: Meaningful experiences that helped you become the artist you are today?

Lauren:  I think that everything I experienced has made me an artist, because that’s like my expression of my emotions put into the project instead of having to say it out loud. It’s easier to express and it’s more private because sometimes the artist only knows the meaning, but others may interpret it differently.


Clarion: Any artist you admire?

Lauren: “I really love music and that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration from. If I hear lyrics I’ll think of something I can make into a sculpture.   Also one artist I love, Banksy, who is a street artist and does a lot of graffiti, although I don’t do graffiti I’d like to do something like that but in a 3D format.”


Clarion: Where are you heading in art?

Lauren: “I actually want to go to a liberal arts school, which is not only art but it’s focusing on different types of art like the media format of it. I want to write and journalize but put it out into media like television, which is like its own type of art.”


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