A Night to Remember

By Dominic Larsen, Assistant Editor

A large turnout of over 600 students attended JFK’s Homecoming Dance Oct 24.


Homecoming is always a big deal in a high school, especially at Kennedy. Homecoming is were friendships are strengthened, relationships began, and students can have fun. According to Savannah Perry “It was a great time and a lot more upbeat than last year’s dance. I’m definitely going to the next one”. “I liked the environment and felt like I could do anything without being embarrassed” Emily Tanaka added ecstatically. Many even the compared the dance to a crazy concert. Fox voiced his opinion, claiming “A cool dance. I liked the crowd in the middle. It gave it more of a concert feel to me.” Student government and Mr. O’Flaherty did an outstanding job with the dance.

While many have iterated they had a superb time, some don’t agree. “I’m scared for life from all of the inappropriate dancing, if you could call it dancing” said an anonymous dance-goer in shock. Many of the teachers share the same viewpoint. The chaperones that observed our fellow classmates at the dance didn’t seem care for the taboo dancing styles.

There were also suggestions for next year’s dance. Many students have complained the homecoming game and dance sould have been scheduled for the same date. “I wish they would have played more upbeat music” replied an anonymous interviewee. We even got music suggestions for any upcoming dances including “Can they play some oldies at the dance? Like where is Queen or Kiss music?” and “Why didn’t they play any slow music? I wanted to have a nice dance with my date.”

Overall the Homecoming Dance, or “Hoco” as this generation calls it, was a wonderful time for students to have fun. There was an interesting array of music and amazing mix of people. While some may not have had the time they had hoped for, many did and this dance will be talked about as a Night to Remember

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