New B-MAD Club

By Makayla Smith and Myiah Murray

Clarion Contributors

Are you African- American with something to say? B-MAD, which stands for Blacks Making A Difference, is a club that simply doesn’t replace Black Student Union, but allows African-American students to have an understanding of making sound decisions that produce success.

B-MAD gives you a chance to have a interaction amongst peers who have the same ambition you do through academic struggles with challenges that you face.

B-MAD Advisors (photo by Makayla Smith)
B-MAD Advisors (photo by Makayla Smith)

This club provides great opportunities like volunteering in the community or getting tutoring if needed. Kadi and Sam, B-MAD’s advisors, are on a mission to educate young black students about making a change in the community and in the world to motivate other people to do the same.

If you plan to attend college, B-MAD gives you a chance to hear guest speakers talk from college and gives you an insight on what college offers are available.College fairs,field trips and other opportunities is something you would not want to miss out on! B-MAD meets Monday-Thursday in room C-213.

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