Year-round v. Traditional Schools

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Contributor

There are several advantages and disadvantages to both traditional schools as well as to year round schools. According to Huffington post “Students in both systems have the same amount of school time 180 days a year.”

Let’s begin with the positives for traditional schools. There are several breaks for holidays such as everyone’s favorite break in the summer. Everyone is in school at the same time so no resources get wasted such as classrooms being empty. According to education.seattle.pi “Unlike alternatives to the usual public school model, traditional schooling means that state-approved standards in all the curricular areas will be covered.”

There are negatives to traditional schools as well. The classrooms can sometimes be bigger than the ideal size for many students so some find it harder to seek help when they need it. says “Encourages one-way communication; therefore, the lecturer must make a conscious effort to become aware of student problems and student understanding of content without verbal feedback.” Long breaks can sometimes be a bad thing, when sometimes students forget certain concepts.

Year round schools also have pros and cons. According to Dominic Larsen the biggest difference is, “because of multiple tracks there are empty classrooms and no teachers in some of them.” “The pros to having year round school is that teachers can spend more time with students” and you can go on vacations during different times of the year which are less crowded. Some people claim that year round schools can help improve academics. says “generally equal to and in many cases better than the traditional calendar structure”

Dominic also mentions that “The cons are some resources like classrooms get wasted due to time off.” Some year round schools due to overpopulation use your last name when you go to school during the track cycle. You probably have no control over which track you will be placed in. says “Some argue that year-round schedules place a burden on families due to more irregular vacation schedules and, in multi-track calendars, different schedules for children in the same family.” Older students who normally would have a summer job lined up will not be able to work.

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