The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion, November 7, 1975 Band-Aids planned (actual headline) Kennedy student government approved two fundraising events for the Kennedy Marching Band and Color Guard. Besides performing before school and sections of the band performing during the day on the Quad where they sold buttons, patches and hats; the band also held a one-time event called “Carna-Gram Day” where students sent carnations with … Continue reading The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago

Year-round v. Traditional Schools

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Contributor There are several advantages and disadvantages to both traditional schools as well as to year round schools. According to Huffington post “Students in both systems have the same amount of school time 180 days a year.” Let’s begin with the positives for traditional schools. There are several breaks for holidays such as everyone’s favorite break in the summer. Everyone is in … Continue reading Year-round v. Traditional Schools

The Clarion Rises from the Ashes

By Christopher Wong Chief Editor Kennedy has a newspaper? Yes, the rumors are true. When I got the newspaper club started last year, I didn’t have much to work with. The club got started late into the year with no money; consisted of a ragtag group of fifteen members; and our advisor, Mr. Smith, fell gravely ill. Without much guidance or much time to work, … Continue reading The Clarion Rises from the Ashes