The Clarion’s Website Opens!

  Welcome to the Kennedy Clarion’s website! It’s hard to believe the school newspaper already has its own website! This is a huge milestone for the paper, and we hope that you continue to be a part of the revival of the school’s main media outlet. Check back to the website often for the latest news, reviews, and other happenings. We’ll have polls, updates on … Continue reading The Clarion’s Website Opens!

The Clarion Wayback Machine: 30 Years Ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion  – February 19, 1986 By The Clarion Staff Nugget Store Takes Action A sign posted in front of the Nugget Market, just up the street from Kennedy High reads:  Attention: NO junior high or high school students allowed in store 8am-3:30pm. Store Manager says the new policy was necessary because of the shoplifting and public disturbances that several students had been … Continue reading The Clarion Wayback Machine: 30 Years Ago

Zero Gravity Basketballers Soar

By Irene Lai, Clarion Staff On Friday night, January 22, Kennedy’s varsity squad soared to a crushing overtime victory 65-53 over Burbank on the Cougars home court.    Led by Senior Khari Hutt, the Cougars showed little doubt they would lose the game to Burbank, satisfying the screaming and cheering  supporters in the packed gym. “I felt good about winning because Burbank forced the overtime but … Continue reading Zero Gravity Basketballers Soar

Madame Taylor, Our Own Educator of the Year

By Aaron Soliz and David Yu, Clarion Staff Annually, within several regions in California, the Educator of the Year award is distributed to a teacher, counselor, administrator, or other official positions who displayed adept instructive skills throughout the preceding year. Only eleven individuals throughout the state are given the award. This year, our very own foreign language teacher Ms. Joan Taylor was presented with the … Continue reading Madame Taylor, Our Own Educator of the Year

JFK Wrestlers Making Their Mark in Metro

By Clarion Staff When the season started, JFK’s wrestling program had 42 students (including 11 female) sign up to wrestle.  Coach Brian Ewing informed these would-be wrestlers they would be weighing in for one of the toughest sports they will ever participate in.  The physical preparation as well as the mental aspect of wrestling will test everyone each day.  “You will find an excuse not … Continue reading JFK Wrestlers Making Their Mark in Metro

Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Staff Four mayoral candidates have announced their intent to run in this year’s race, the winner will be decided by Sacramento voters on June 7, 2016.   Angelique Ashby, currently a councilwoman from the North Natomas area was the first to officially enter the race after the current mayor, Kevin Johnson, announced he would not run.   She was elected to her … Continue reading Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

Club Spotlight: WeForShe Making Strides Against Trafficking

By Lucy Salazar, Clarion Contributor Here’s something that might be surprising to Kennedy students. Sacramento is one of the largest sex trafficking hubs in the nation. Millions of women and children are being sexually exploited across the globe.  While that truth alone is a hard pill to swallow, the fact that our city is a place where a large number of these slaves are victimized … Continue reading Club Spotlight: WeForShe Making Strides Against Trafficking