Movie Review: As The Force Awakens, Star Wars Emerges

By Dominic J Larsen, Clarion Staff

“Star Wars” is a cult classic and has entertained the masses for nearly four decades, and continues to do so with its seventh installment. Star Wars: The Force Awakens holds true to the Star Wars name, and even makes original fans cheer. Like its predecessors before it the movie is full of action, romance, and suspense, but it also introduces a new, unexpected sense of humor. Many do not consider Star Wars to be a comedic movie, but the seventh movie has a theatre full of “ha-ha” and giggles.


Disney and Lucasfilm blend the original seasoned cast with a fresh batch of new talented actors seamlessly, making the cast seem as if they have been together for years. They also decide to cast relatively unknown actors as the lead of the movie, just as George Lucas did with the movies in the 1970’s. John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are phenomenal actors, and hold their own next to the likes of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill.

References, nods, and Easter eggs finding is a game that most hardcore fans love to play. And let me tell you this movie is winning that game. It has references to all six movies before, other films with connections to George Lucas, and they even make fun of the prequel trilogy that many dread. But the biggest reference is the script and the numerous parallels between Episode four and seven.

The movie opens with a familiar shot of empty space with the camera panning to a desert planet where it then zooms in. We follow a lonely native, who accidentally stumbles upon a lost droid that carries classified material that can be used to cripple a tyrannical government. Both the empire and its rebel problem start to look for the droid, leading both to try to retrieve it. The desert dweller and the droid find a pilot, with a dark past, that can get them off world. Once escaping the planet and the Empire, the heroes encounter an elderly figure, who explains his involvement in galaxy changing events in the past. The heroes travel to a peaceful planet, which is home to the rebels’ secret base. The heroes now backed by the rest of the rebellion, attack the empire’s super weapon and destroy it, and in doing so they save the heroine and encounter the Sith for the first time.

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