Club Spotlight: WeForShe Making Strides Against Trafficking

By Lucy Salazar, Clarion Contributor

Here’s something that might be surprising to Kennedy students.

Sacramento is one of the largest sex trafficking hubs in the nation. Millions of women and children are being sexually exploited across the globe.  While that truth alone is a hard pill to swallow, the fact that our city is a place where a large number of these slaves are victimized brings reality to our doorstep.

On the Kennedy campus, the club WeforShe is making strides to combat misinformation and taboos surrounding the subject of sex trafficking. The club’s primary mission is to raise awareness and provide students with the information and strategies needed to join the cause against sex trafficking.   This is accomplished by educating club members about the history of sex trafficking, victims of trafficking, and creating partnerships with organizations, such as WEAVE and My Sister’s House, that focus on rehabilitating victims and hosting informational events pertaining to sex trafficking.

US Human Trafficking

Though sex trafficking might not be an issue that is easy for many of us to identify, the industry is thriving and growing larger than ever; abusing and hurting many women and children who are involuntarily sold for sex.  With more people willing to discuss and learn about sex trafficking worldwide and within our own community, we may be able to make a difference and help lives of those the sex trade in the future.

The club meets on Wednesdays during lunch in room C305.


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