The Clarion Wayback Machine: 30 Years Ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion  – February 19, 1986

By The Clarion Staff


Mac OS launched

Nugget Store Takes Action

A sign posted in front of the Nugget Market, just up the street from Kennedy High reads:  Attention: NO junior high or high school students allowed in store 8am-3:30pm. Store Manager says the new policy was necessary because of the shoplifting and public disturbances that several students had been causing…   (actual text)

What a Ball!

This year, the special night fell on Jan. 11, when the graduating class of 1986 held the 19th annual Senior Ball.  The theme, “A Place Just For Us” seemed appropriate considering all the couples attending appeared to be enjoying themselves.  The Ball was held at CSU, Sacramento (actual text)

Bobby Gerould January Optimist

“What we’re shooting for is a successful talent show, spirit week and returning order to daily meetings,” stated Bob Gerould, January’s Optimist.  Bobby, recently elected President of JFK student body… over 3+ years… participated in jv basketball, edited the Clarion sports page, member of yearbook staff, represented his class as a senator and elected homecoming king.   

CLARION Facts (1986)

JFK students published 12 issues of the Clarion during 1985-86 school year.

Editor – Suzanne Miner

Advisor- Kim Clemons

Principal – Ronald Morgan

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