Blood Drive Brings Students Together

Blood Drive 003
The blood drive in the small gym. (Photo by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar)

By Aryanna Zavala, Clarion Staff

On Monday, February 22, 2016, the Blood Drive was held in the small gym on our school campus. This drive was made possible by a group of seniors for their senior project. The point of this event was to have a way to provide the community with blood if it is ever needed in an emergency, Some people donate blood because they want to do something good and think it’s the right thing to do and others know that one day a family member might need it. In order to donate blood you must be 16 and older and have a parent’s consent. During the time that I was there observing, there were a lot of students participating.

The students who were waiting to donate blood looked nervous, but by the time they were getting their blood drawn, they seemed relaxed. I had the opportunity to interview some of the students. I also asked some friends what surprised them about the process. Most of them said that it took longer than they expected, that it was a lengthy process in order to donate blood. The participants were allowed to take their phone with them and they could listen to music and play on their phone, and that’s what most of them did while they were in the chair. After a student was finished with getting their blood drawn, they were sent to a table that had different snacks and drinks in order to bring their blood levels back up. Most of the students at the table seemed to be happy that they did something good for the community.

I had the chance to interview one of the seniors, Hjordis Gorgan, who helped put together this blood drive and I also got the chance to interview another student, Jessica Moore, who donated blood.

Blood Drive 015.JPG
Hjordis Gorgan (left) helped organize the event as part of her senior project. (Photo by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar)

Interview: Hjordis Gorgan

Clarion- How does organizing this blood drive make you feel?

Hjordis- It was pretty stressful. It took a lot more hours to organize than I thought it would. But then it ended up being very rewarding since I think it’s really important to donate blood and I can’t donate blood myself, I figured that I should just make a blood drive instead so other people can.

Clarion- How has this experience changed your viewpoint on donating blood?

Hjordis- Well, I already knew that it was very important and I didn’t know that it took this much effort to organize something like this. I wasn’t as clear on all the different requirements that people need to donate blood, so that was interesting, too.

Clarion- What can people expect when coming to a blood drive?

Hjordis- It’s a lot longer of a wait then people think. You have to go through a bunch of different steps to see if you’re actually fit to donate blood before you actually get to donating.



Interview: Jessica Moore

Blood Drive 006
Jessica Moore (posing on the left) eating and drinking to bring her blood sugar levels back up. (Photo by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar)


Clarion- What made you decide to donate blood?

Jessica- Oh I love donating blood, this is my third year donating blood because it helps [save] people’s lives.

Clarion- Why is it helpful and needed for people to donate blood?

Jessica- It’s helpful because some people don’t have clean blood and it’s especially good for young people to get involved with donating blood at a young age so they can help their community and stuff.

Clarion- Why did you volunteer?

Jessica- To help the community, and to benefit other people.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this blood drive. I hope you all feel good that you did something beneficial to the community. Thank you to the people who let me interview them and the students who were okay with letting us take pictures of them.

Blood Drive 001
Phoenix Carter, a JFK student, donated blood as well. (Photo by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar)

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