J.K. Rowling Reveals that the Harry Potter Series is Fiction

By Aaron Soliz, Clarion Staff


Edit:  This is an April Fools’ article written solely for entertainment purposes.  None of the content in this article is true.

The infamous book series, Harry Potter, has been recognized for its massive fandom and has been retold again and again for the past nineteen years. This practical story has amazed its readers with its realistic situation and captured the audience with the down to earth storytelling resonating from every single page. After about five years after the final installation of the movie adaptation of the same name, J.K. Rowling finally revealed in a tweet that the series is, in fact, isn’t a nonfiction but is a story of pure fiction, like many readers have been led to believe.
Many have been in shock and confused in reaction to the news. Dedicated fan Charles Monroe, father of four, commented, “The story was ruined after I heard that the story was intended to be a, uh, a fictional piece. I’ve always tucked my kids to bed and read them the story… and… I always told them they could replicate anything in the book if they believed hard enough. We were so disappointed when we found out the truth. Thanks, J.K. Really depressed.”
High school student Carley Mason expressed her disbelief in the news as well. “Every year for the past ten years, I’ve written a letter to Hogwarts and always expected a letter back. It never came.”
We have interviewed many others in the fandom, only to hear their shock from this revelation. Many have reported that they have tried to reenact several scenes from the series, including attempting to make their blue Ford Anglia soar across the air and running through brick walls with shopping carts.
Actor Rupert Grint, who portrays Ron Weasley in the movie series, reveals that he has even been driven into depression upon hearing the news. “When I’ve talked to Mrs. Rowling, she always made the story seem realistic. I guess I was wrong. My childhood seems to have lost meaning to me. Maybe life isn’t as real as I thought it was.”
There you have it. J.K Rowling has officially driven the fandom into madness, to which many have dubbed the news as, “the reality that should not be named.” Clearly, the story has changed forever, and so have people’s lives.

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