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Month: May 2016

Kennedy Swimmers Support One Another

By Savannah Vang, Clarion Staff In April, the team thanked senior swimmers:  Fanny, Jenny, Julia, Rose, Sofia, Sui Shan, Aaron, Corey, Derek, Patrick and Sam for swimming so far.  These […]

Kennedy Class of 2016 Senior Wills

Collected by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar, clarion staff As the seniors of John F. Kennedy graduate next month, some chose to leave behind their last will and testament. I, […]

Vientos Restaurant

Restaurant Review By Camilla Huey & Mariela Medrano, Clarion Staff At first we thought that Vientos Mexican Cocina located near Greenhaven and Pocket Road was going to be a very […]

JFK Softball Team Reaches Playoffs Again

By Clarion Staff After glancing at the softball team’s stats, I realized the team is looking to be a strong team with high batting averages, a couple of home runs, and a […]

The Summer Set, Stories for Monday

Music Review By Jenelle Lum, Clarion Staff The Summer Set has released their new album, Stories for Monday. For those of you who are not familiar with this band, they […]