526 Seniors Set to Graduate June 15

Photo by Makayla Smith

A senior class of 526 students is preparing for graduation this June. This culminating event marks the end of high school, but the beginning of life to come as an adult. Of course, there is no shortage of events to celebrate.

The Sadie Hawkins dance, where girls ask guys out, will be held on June 2. This is also the Senior Goodbye Dance. The event comes the day after senior finals which makes this a great way to celebrate the end of the stress of school. Many students are looking forward to dancing the night away, along with a bittersweet sendoff to the seniors.

Senior Awards Night will take place in the auditorium on June 6. This will be a chance for the school to award the seniors that have worked extensively in their high school careers and give recognition to the deserving students. Other events include the senior trip to Disneyland and the Senior Barbecue. These events are sure to add extra fun to the end of the year.

Graduation08The event many seniors are looking forward to the most however is the graduation itself, which will take place at 3:00 pm on June 15 at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. “I am excited to be  officially a high school graduate student and to receive the diploma,” Krismae Esperanza detailed. “I am also excited to finally get out of high school work. I am excited to be a college student and a freshman again. I am excited to be independent.”

“I’ve been working hard these past four years and it’s going to be great finally seeing it all pay off,” Natalie Fowler said. She also said that she is excited to begin the next chapter in her life.

The excitement for these next steps forward are a common sentiment. “I am really excited to meet new friends, have exciting experiences, and trying out new things, clubs, food places, and the dorming experience: being on my own. I’m excited to have that freedom,” Sui Shan Cheng told The Clarion.

Brandon Charriere shared his plans, “City college seems super chill, plus since I’m staying home, I can raise money to go to a bigger college later.” Charriere also noted that he will finally be able to escape playing “Pomp and Circumstance” repetitively during graduation, as a part of JFK’s marching band. “I can laugh at all the freshmen through juniors playing ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ a million times and be like, ‘Ha, I had to suffer through that too!”

However, all the seniors we talked with expressed that they would miss Kennedy. When asked what she would miss most, Fowler responded, “Definitely the teachers. They’ve helped me so much, I love them.” Laura Shimabukuro also responded, “The teachers and classes. I really like the learning atmosphere here.”

We wish the best of luck to all of JFK’s graduating seniors and hope they have a great time as well with the end of the year festivities and beyond.


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