Boys Volleyball

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By Irene Lai, Clarion Staff

Men’s Volleyball season has come to an end, and the varsity team played well this year. Kennedy finished 2nd in the league with a final record of  20-6 overall (11-2 in Metro conference play).  Kennedy’s varsity team played hard all season and we are proud to have you represent our school. Go cougars!

Many of the players were available for interviews. These are profiles of all the players on the men’s volleyball team.

Samuel Basilio (senior) has been playing volleyball at Kennedy for three years. “When I’m with my team, I feel a community, a family.  During games, we have to stay together, as not one person makes a game, but the team as a whole. Together, we’re able to win, and these past three years have been a testament to how far we can go. I feel good when I’m with my team.”

Alex Ng,  (junior) plays as the defense specialist, is known to be the mascot of the team. With his bubbliness, he cheers on the whole team, and brings the best out the best of them. He is full of passion and a contagious optimism no one can ignore. Alex has a great personality off and on court.

“When I play, I don’t think. I just do,” said Tou Her (senior), who has been playing as the libero for Kennedy for three years. Tou throws his body to the ground, saving the ball with swiftness. “I try not to think about losing, but winning. I have never once doubted my team, and I knew we were going to win.”

Tristan Fong, (senior, Outside/ Middle position) made a breathtaking spike that will always be remembered on this court. “During the first game of the season, it was exhilarating even if it was pre-season. It was a close game, and this was for the “Pride for my school.” When I spike the ball down, it just gives me a sense of excitement like ‘this is the ball I want to slam down.”   

Jeremy Seaton (senior) played setter for the whole game. “There were emotions everywhere. I was mainly excited, but I was upset over the little mistakes that we made that could’ve been taken better. Overall I was happy that we won.” “When I play, I don’t think. I just do.”

“My favorite part of this game is when Cameron missed his jump serve, but he still did a great job. By playing volleyball, it has made me grow into a leader and to take initiative. I’m very proud of my team.” – Kenji Fong (junior)

On a Tuesday night against West Campus, Ryan Chan (junior) performed a quick switch the eyes could not follow. “Even though this is my first year playing, it feels good. When I spike the ball, I feel like a god. There isn’t anything that I hate about practice… Probably the running, but that’s all.”

Andrew Johnson (junior) scored amazing points, leaving the other team dumbfounded. Andrew went on a serving spree which the other team could not return. Andrew plays smart, and is a player that can adapt well to the opponent’s strategies.

Cameron Lutz (junior, Middle position) has the natural attitude of a team leader. “I like seeing all of us be successful, and accomplish what we need to do. When we work as a team, we can win.”

“I’m happy like always. We should be winning and I expect nothing less from my team,” said Jaquari Smith (junior). He’s sometimes too hard on himself, but this creates a drive that spurs him on the be a better player.

Einston Vue, (junior) is a super encouraging guy, knows when to be serious, and knows when to crack a well-placed joke. He knows how to hit well and always has a positive attitude.

Samuel Martinez is the only sophomore on the team. He is a fun person to be around, and has a great personality. When his opponents think that he is going to set them, they should think again. He will just push it over, having the other team not realize it.

Tong Lee (junior) is a fun person with a great personality. “When I’m on the court, it just feels so exciting.” Tong is a cheerful person that is loud and encouraging to the team.

The team poses with their two captains, Coach Kira (left) and Coach Jeff (right). Photo by Irene Lai.

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