Apptitude: Miitomo

“Who was your favorite fictional character growing up?”

By Christopher Wong, Editor in chief

Apptitude is a new app spotlight column featuring trending apps.

Miitomo is a new social app and Nintendo’s first entry into the smartphone marketplace.
The premise is that you create a Mii character of yourself who will act as a medium between you and your friends. Your Mii asks you questions about you and also shares your friends’ responses, sort of like gossiping.

Questions cover a wide array of topics. Light hearted questions include “If you could dispense any one condiment out of your pinky finger at will, what would you choose?” and “When you think ‘ninja,’ what first comes to mind?” Some deeper, more personal questions can be “When was the last time you felt deeply moved?” and “What do you look for in a life partner?” (My answers are: chocolate syrup, those Lego Ninjago things, the Pixar movie Up, and affection.)

Other things you can do in the app are dress up your Mii and take Miifotos, pictures with you and your friends’ Miis. Use your creativity, and the results can be quite hilarious. Clothes can be bought from an in-game store for coins. Clothes can also be won from a minigame called, “Miitomo Drop,” in which you plummet your friends’ Miis into a pachinko game that would likely hurt.

Trump reveals that he killed Mufasa in this Miifoto.

Miitomo is much more of a social app than a game. Having more friends on the app helps keep it fresh with more content to see when you open the app. Miitomo is my go-to app for procrastinating because there is so much content. Answering questions can also be quite addicting!”

The app is available for free on the Google Play store and App Store (Sorry Windows phone users).

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