Behind the Bat and in the Field

Boys Baseball

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By Kira Kwong, Clarion Staff

This season, Kennedy’s varsity baseball team produced an amazing performance, nearly making playoffs in a tiebreaker match against Sac High. JFK’s baseball team had finished the season strong by winning six of their last seven games, which forced the tiebreaker.

“Since 1992, Kennedy baseball has made the playoffs only three times, so this is a big deal for our program and hopefully begins the turning of a corner into a perennial playoff contender,” Coach Marcos Pineda told The Clarion. “Our kids battled all year long and were on the cusp of making the playoffs for the third time in the last four years.”

In late April, we observed a team practice to see how they performed so well on the field.  With a rigorous 2-hour session held nearly every day of the school week, it’s no wonder that Kennedy’s team shined this year..

Kennedy senior and varsity team captain Renzo Giorodan who is primarily a pitcher with the team granted The Clarion a short interview while he stretched and prepared to practice. “It’s something fun to do in my spare time and a fun hobby,” he replied when we asked why he plays baseball.

The Clarion also talked to sophomore Zach Gee, a catcher on the Varsity team. When asked why he plays baseball, he responded that baseball provides him with a productive hobby to take part in after school and something to be passion that he is proud of. It gives him something to do outside of school and homework and makes him feel happy.

He also revealed that the reason he found interest in baseball at a very young age and that his interest came from his dad. “I wanted to pick up the bat and hit the ball, and so he taught me how to play,” he answered.

Finally, we asked about how baseball makes him feel. Gee responded “it relieves the stress that can accumulate during the day in classes.”  He continued “it’s a great feeling to play and be on the field with your teammates,” he said.

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