Benefits of the Expanded Learning Program Touted at Kennedy

By Crystal Chan, Clarion Staff

Most students don’t really want to add more classroom time to the six periods they already have through the week.  Students also think the ASSETs Program here at Kennedy may just seem like another word for 7th period or an after-school program, but is there value in expanded learning programs?   How do these programs help students?  

An assembly held on May 2 promoted expanded learning through after-school programs in California to several hundred Kennedy students.   The many benefits of these programs were clearly displayed from the presentations and the guest speakers who were here to talk about how the program specifically improves a student’s education.  

Art by Valentina Duong

One speaker, Ms. Gonzalvez, a graduate from John F. Kennedy, spoke about her difficulties in choosing a college as she was the first generation in her family to attend college and she knew very little about the process.  Her 7th period at Kennedy helped her choose a college that was perfect for her.  Now, she will be graduating from Sacramento State in a few weeks!

Another speaker was Mr. Cooper, who is representing California’s 9th Assembly district and trying to pass a bill that will fund these after-school programs. Mr. Cooper says he will be helping students improve their education and also help them communicate more with others.  Mr. Banda, Superintendent of SCUSD, and Mr. Torlakson, Superintendent of the State, both spoke briefly about how happy they were to see this program flourish at JFK, and they hoped to see more programs in other schools that would do the same.

In the assembly, a video called “Expanding Student Success” was shown to the audience, and it spoke about the great results that appeared when students signed up for after school programs. These programs really help students to find their own interests and what they want to do, since classes usually don’t offer such opportunities. New activities and experiences allow students to be exposed to more knowledge and ways of working successfully in the world. Students can be more prepared for the future, and they will be more willing to communicate and reach out to help others.   Performances by Project Move and Men’s Academy Leadership were also presented to show how students are participating in these programs.

Now that you’ve read about the purpose and benefits of ASSETs, are you ready to join?  For more information about the ASSETs program at Kennedy, inquire with Ms. Chandler Cooper, Program Manager in Room B-8.

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