K-POP: BTS (Bangtan Boys) “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life”

By Crystal Chan, Clarion Staff

Kpop_colorOn May 2, the K-pop band BTS released their new music videos, “Young Forever” and “Fire”. Finally, this heartbreaking concept has come to an end. “Young Forever” is the epilogue of the long story told through three other videos.

It all began when “I Need You” was released, and everyone was excited and confused. Yes, the song was amazing and catchy but many asked why everyone was dying in different forms of suicide, from taking pills to self-immolation? Also, there were scenes of the boys laughing and hanging out in a group around a campfire, which made no sense in this death-filled music video. Despite all the fan theories, fans could only assume that BTS was trying to portray the struggles of depression in a teenager’s life. Most fans believed that when BTS was together as a group in the music video, that was their “safe haven” from the harsh realities that they had to face. Then, the prologue came out.

The prologue story focused on V. From the first music video “I Need You”, V had killed a man that was abusing a woman, although the relationship between the two isn’t shown. The prologue then shows V going to hang out with the rest of the members. Throughout the video, they played little clips of the song “Butterfly” and seemed to give us hints such as the lead singer, Rap Monster writing on a mirror: “You need to survive.” Jin kept taking photos and recording the events, and Rap Monster helped take a picture of him and Suga. At the end, V decides to kill himself by jumping from a scaffolding into the ocean and drowning, with Jin recording all of this. Also, we see Jin pulling out the photo that Rap Monster took of him with Suga, but Jin isn’t in the picture anymore. Great, now there is an even more confusing ending that doesn’t answer our questions from the first music video.

Then, a continuation of what had happened was released, “Run”. All of the members were partying together, as if they were enjoying their lives. At the same time, there were fights between Jungkook and Suga, glass shattering, and a house of cards falling down. At last, the end shows a group photo of the members together, but once again Jin is not there. Still doesn’t make sense? Look at it backwards.

The most common theory is that Jin was already dead. It isn’t directly stated how but in the Prologue, it was hinted that had already committed suicide by driving into the ocean. He was the reason why the rest of the members were partying in the “Run” music video. They were trying to avoid the pain of losing a close friend who meant so much to them. His appearances in the music videos were only hallucinations that the members saw. As foreshadowed by the shattering glass and the house of cards falling, the members would all fall down from this pain. It is possible that V was overcome with sadness from the loss of Jin and commited suicide. Then, we move on to the other members’ deaths in the “I Need You” music video. Rap Monster and Suga burned themselves alive, Jimin drowned in the bathtub, J-hope took pills, and Jungkook died in a car accident. The videos show that they are only happy when all of them are together. If one is gone, it is not the same anymore.

Recently, the epilogue came out, and we can clearly see the ending of this story. At the beginning, everyone is in a maze of fences, struggling to find their way out. As the members search for the way out, we see flashbacks of their memories of their own lives and moments before their deaths in the three previous videos. Once they get out of the maze, they all run together towards the light. The maze of fences was their struggles in life, and getting out of the maze represents their deaths. Even though all of them died, they run together towards heaven, hoping for something better. Now, we have the full story of “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life.”

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