Kennedy Class of 2016 Senior Wills

Collected by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar, clarion staff

As the seniors of John F. Kennedy graduate next month, some chose to leave behind their last will and testament.

  • I, Irisa Zhang, will Sui Shan Chengs my dad’s chicken chow mein, Sharon Wong my IG stalking skills, Allan Lee my love (of Shibas), Riley Seid our “APUSH studying” Skype calls, Acqueline Liang my cheap mechanical pencils, Daniel Yee my free shipping obsession, and Micah Bryant/Steve Chan my dog photos.
  • I, Tory Anders leave the dance class to Codi Heafey to have fun in. I also leave my binder to Jazmyne Smith to study with.
  • I, Victor Augilera want to give up my seat in class to Tyrone Dolton because he is my best friend and I will not return in the fall!




  • I, Kaiah Ault-Brown, leave all my books to the JFK library, my amazing binders to the trash cans, and may they put it to good use. Lastly I want to leave my flirty side and lovable self to my baby girl, Terra. I lied I also want to leave my acting skills to the drama squad.
  • I, Felicia Gonzales, will my knowledge of Supernatural to the incoming Supernatural fans at John F Kennedy High School. I will never stop loving Supernatural and loving the hell out of Dean Winchester.  Forever a Supernatural fan!
  • I, Manny Domingues leave the pictures I draw to Lila Wilson. I also leave my binder to Lai Saechao to use next year.
  • I, Madeline Acosta, will my section leader duties to Jenson and Joey, band locker 301 to the next worthy freshmen, “slightly used” textbooks to the juniors, and my hard work and dedication to the John F. Kennedy Marching Band.
  • I, Michela O’Neal, leave my Shawn Mendes pictures to Haleigh Lee to enjoy.
  • I, Eric Leung, will Thomas Xiong all the candy from our class Halloween party and Tyrone Dolton my chair in class.
  • I, Destiny Warren, leave my fabulous prom dress to Lois Her to wear next year to the senior ball.
  • I, Brittany Thomas, will my confidence to all the shy girls in the school; Amari Borden my unconditional love; my twin sister Breanna my patience and calmness and finally I will all my teachers and other teachers I have not met, the strength to handle us high school students.
  • I, Ardis Pauly, will my weirdness, rad writing skills and my overwhelming nerdiness to my best friend who shall not be named.
  • I, Abraham Fong, will my locker of four years to my brother, my trumpet to incoming freshmen, my memories of JFK to my locker of four years and WESTERN ELECTRIC is Best to Stanley!
  • I, Octavio Nolasco, with all my pride and joy pass on my confidence and intelligence in high school to my brother Leonardo, and to Henry Gonzales I leave my soccer skills so he can lead the JFK soccer team to the playoffs once again.

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