JFK Softball Team Reaches Playoffs Again

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By Clarion Staff

After glancing at the softball team’s stats, I realized the team is looking to be a strong team with high batting averages, a couple of home runs, and a ton of stolen bases.

Kennedy’s own Kimberly Evans (a freshman) and Aaliyah Shimosaka (a senior) hold the ranks of first and second highest number of stolen bases in the Metro Conference Kennedy is a part of. Danielle Reyes, a junior is Kennedy’s best pitcher, and also the the Metro Conference’s, ranking first with one hundred strike-outs, an ERA (earned run average) of 0.71, and three n0-hitters. Freshman Lindsay Kawelo holds second in ERA and strikeouts.

Kennedy has been able to deliver some notable maulings against its opponents, such as one game where the Cougars swept Laguna Creek 12-0. Kennedy’s record is 15-5 overall
(12-4 in Metro) and is in playoffs for its third consecutive season.

The team created banners to celebrate their seniors. (Photo by Makayla Smith)

They are a really competitive team with plenty of skill, but I wanted to find out what they are like as a team, something that cannot be found in stats. So, I asked Alexa Worley, an outfielder on the varsity team, how she thought the team was going. She responded by saying, “We get along. We’re all sisters…. We try our best and don’t give up. We put our hearts into it.”

This was great to hear, but it was even better once she explained that not only were they a team that gets along well, but they are also a team that is in playoffs!

The Softball coach is proud of them and expects nothing less.

As always, go Cougars!

Check out their stats here!

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