Kennedy Students Go Off Script

By Aaron Soliz, Clarion Staff

The JFK Improv Club presented an Improv Event on April 27 and May 4. The performance highlighted talented club members Zoe Hinsley, Jasmine Putman, Andrew Haack, Tim Alilcaya, Tara Alicaya, and Kean Brock. The act consisted of an array of games with general guidelines that required quick thinking and spontaneous actions by the performers. The twist: the topics acted out and even the order in which the games are played are submitted live mostly by the audience. This element put the entertainers to the test and greatly spiced up the experience.

Improv Night
Improv Club poses after their performance. From L to R, Zoe Hinsley, Jasmine Putman, Andrew Haack, Tim Alicaya, Tara Alicaya, and Kean Brock. (Photo by Aaron Soliz)

The event featured six different activities offered by the audience.  Numbers were chosen between one and six until every activity has been done. In one game, all six students carried out a conversation with each sentence starting with a letter of the alphabet without going out of sequence.  This continued until all but one person is eliminated. Another game required the audience to make up a crime that one of the performers did not know they had commited. They then had to guess the crime by answering questions. Such games were executed considerably well and with high energy and enthusiasm. Whether they were acting out a therapy session, cooking a live chicken, or giving advice about ridiculous issues, it is clear that they could do it.

Being present at, and even being a small part of, Improv Night was a great experience. It effectively offered entertainment without a scripted performance and dared to amaze us with the natural atmosphere given off from the performers. Laughs were exchanged after the plentiful amount of jokes and hilarious acts. Humor and brilliance were seen in these acts through banter and performance. Through the entire hour I felt delighted by the showcase. Simply put, it was funny and amazing. Great job, Improv Club!

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