Senior Project Promotes Free Access to Literature


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By Zoe Le, Clarion Staff

With the rush around and hustle of life, it can be difficult to find easy ways to take a break and relax. One of the most common relaxing pastimes is sitting down with a good book for a few hours.  

Modern technology allows people to easily look up and read just about any book they want to at anytime, yet there’s still a certain irreplaceable charm that traditional books have.  It’s becoming more difficult to replicate that singular experience as digital books become more popular and convenient for readers.  Why not bring the convenience of a library somewhere a little closer to home?

PACE book club group rummages through the new Little Free Library. Pictured L-R, Cynthia Dominguez, Crystal Chan, Yatziri Perez, Matthew Tang, Jackie Ou, and Chad Wong

That is exactly what Kennedy students Ming Vang and Carlos Burgos aimed for with their senior project. The two have constructed a John F. Kennedy Little Free Library (check it out at   It is simply a small wooden box housing a tiny library of books. It works on the honor system.  It allows people to take and return books as they please as well as donate them.   

In a recent interview, the two seniors stated, “We hope people can share books, and not have them just collecting dust after reading it multiple times.” Little Free Libraries are popping up all over and are welcome additions to any neighborhood.  I doubt that JFK’s will be any different.

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