The Clarion: Loud and Clear Returning Year

By Christopher Wong, Editor in chief

clarion (adj.)- loud and clear

It’s hard to believe this has been the first year we finally have the school newspaper. The revival was by no means easy and looking back on this year shows just how far the program has come.

I have already discussed how the school newspaper came to be in a previous issue, but as I reflect now, the newspaper means so much more to me than it did then.

I’ll be honest and say I had absolutely no idea how to publish a newspaper or how anything in business worked at the beginning of the year. No one else in our club knew anything about it either. The man who really helped take our ideas for a school publication off the drawing board and into reality is Mr. Hanzlik, who is married to Mrs. Hanzlik. With experience of running his own media company, he has been able to guide our team and really show us how to move forward. We would be nothing without him.Clarion1

This year, The Clarion was just a club, not a class. No one in the club was forced to do anything. However, the reason we were able to still put out articles and news is that everyone in the club is so dedicated and enjoys what they do for the newspaper. Whether they’re writing about music that moves them, capturing moments and telling stories in pictures, or making people smile and entertaining through art and comics, everyone has a skill that they are devoted to and are willing to share.

Next year, I have so much hope and excitement for what we will be able to bring. We’ll have a full class taught by Mr. and Mrs. Hanzlik so we can push out content even faster. The website will be booming with content (that will be less cringeworthy, I promise). We’ll make podcasts and videos. There will be no escape from us.

According to an article published this year in C. K. McClatchy High School’s student newspaper, “The Prospector is the only remaining student-run newspaper in the entire district.” Clearly they did not do their research. In response, I would say that The Clarion is one of just a few remaining student-run newspapers in the district, and the only good one.

The reality is that newspapers are slowly fading away across the world. After a year with so much effort, I refuse to let that fate take Kennedy’s again. If asked what journalism meant to me before The Clarion, I would have responded that it is just reporting facts and the news to the people. But when I reflect on that question now, I realize that journalism is a way to be the voice of the people and also for yourself (while keeping your bias in check!).

It’s not too late to sign up for the class next year! Just send us an email at and we’ll take care of the headache for you.

Wherever the paper goes next, you will know we’re here, loud and clear.

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