The Clarion Wayback Machine: 25 Years Ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion

April 26, 1991

Vandalism Costs 91-Cover_Apr26.jpgat JFK

“… as a result of all the vandalism done, bathrooms have been locked up and, next year, lockers will not be available to any of the students. Mr. Lee said, ‘The lockers are going to be taken out of the wall and thrown away.”

Wasting our Time

“Everyone has at least pondered why we have reading day. ‘To promote reading.’ Yeah, sure. We all know English teachers are so overworked.”

Insulting Positive Attitudes

“If a child is insulted the first thing that they say is, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.’ It would be great if this old saying was true, but in reality words can inflict more permanent damage than any rock or small tree branch.”

CLARION Facts (1990-1991)

Managing Editor – Rita Chan

Advisor- Richard Johnson

Principal – Jerald Lee

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