Vientos Restaurant

Photo by Camilla Huey

Restaurant Review

By Camilla Huey & Mariela Medrano, Clarion Staff

At first we thought that Vientos Mexican Cocina located near Greenhaven and Pocket Road
was going to be a very Americanized Mexican restaurant, but we were totally wrong. Vientos is located in the Riverlake Village Shopping Center at 7600 Greenhaven Drive at the very south of the Pocket-Greenhaven area. From the moment we walked in the restaurant, it was not too crowded, but we first noticed the Mexican theme. We were greeted right away, given a table, and we ordered food and some iced tea. Vientos had great service that we honestly had not seen in many restaurants. The waiters there attentively checked up on us every 5 minutes and were extremely kind to us.

However, the best part of our experience coming to Vientos was the food. The chips were very tasty and crispy, although the salsas were only okay.

The carne asada was not as great as other restaurant’s takes on the dish. It could have used more flavor and spices. It was still enjoyable, but it lacked the kick it is expected to have.

What we were most curious about was how pasta would taste at a Mexican restaurant, as we are both pasta experts. To our surprise, it was actually a lot tastier than other mainstream pasta restaurants. The Vientos Pasta Mexicana with garlic cream and cheese sauce was a flavorful pasta that made our tastebuds happy. It was perfectly balanced

Resto Food.jpg
Vientos Pasta Mexicana with garlic cream and cheese sauce. (Photo by Camilla Huey)

because it didn’t have too much garlic or too much cheese. It was honestly one of the best pastas that we ever had. The staff gave us plenty of free refills for our iced teas and we were able to walk out feeling satisfied. Make sure to look out for the waiters Gustavo and Laura, who were always smiling and helpful.

Would we come back again?  Yes!

Do we recommend you to come to Vientos?  Absolutely.


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