Weed, Will Mess with Your Mind

By Johnathon Hicke-Fox, Clarion Staff

Marijuana and cannabis should not be legal (unless used for medicinal purposes) because of mental health issues, public safety issues, and negtaive effects on someone’s way of life. When smoked, not only does it affect the respiratory system, but it can cause problems with memory and problem solving skills. Rats exposed to THC during adolescence were shown to have issues with learning and memory tasks, especially later on in their life. Some may say, “But rats are different,” but there was also a study which showed that some people who frequently smoked marijuana were later diagnosed with psychosis and even schizophrenia. Not only can it affect one’s health, but it can also affect others around them.

Art by Valentina Duong

The usage of marijuana can cause impairment to a person’s ability to drive, which increases the chance of getting into an accident. It can also cause difficulty with day-to-day tasks, especially for chronic users. Marijuana can decrease motivation and effort to work. This can lead to failing at carrying out daily tasks and failing to take care of yourself and the ones that need your help around you. Also, if a person is caught to be in possession of more than one gram of marijuana, he/she will not only be fined five hundred dollars, but will also serve six months in jail in the state of California.

“But if marijuana is so bad, then why do you support medical marijuana?”

The two main cannabinoids from marijuana plants are THC and CBD. THC increases appetite and reduces nausea, pain, inflammation, muscle control problems, epileptic seizures, anxiety, sclerosis, and even helps veterans that suffer from PTSD. The cannabinoid CBD may also prevent cancer from spreading. A great use of marijuana is also for creativity.  A lot of popular music has been created while using marijuana and use of the drug can sometimes spur creativity in a person in other areas too.

Marijuana has a lot of cons such as damaging mental health, public safety issues, and impairing the lives of some individuals.  However, these could be overlooked with a few medical exceptions.

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