Whose Side are You On?: Civil War Movie Review

By Dominic Larsen & Kira Kwong, Clarion Staff

CW_Poster_01“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” (Mark 3:25) is most well known from a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. Though this line is never spoken in Captain America: Civil War, you can see this theme present within Marvel’s latest movie.  The third installment of the Captain America trilogy is an emotional rollercoaster as you are on the edge of your seat throughout your entire cinematic experience, wondering if your favorite characters will make it out. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo returned to create one of Marvel’s best movies and a heavy-hitter in the box office.

The reason for Captain America and Iron Man’s conflict begins from a catastrophe, killing nine civilians. This leads to the UN questioning the authority of the Avengers. The Avengers are forced to decide whether they want to surrender their control to the government or choose not to. Choosing not to could lead to the disbandment of the Avengers. Some team members are fine with being under government control, such as Iron Man. The others, led by Captain America are not. The signing of the new reforms separates the Avengers and conflict begins to brew.

Fan-favorite actors Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and many more return in this Hollywood blockbuster. Alongside these veteran Marvel actors, Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman make their debuts into the cinematic universe as legendary comic book heroes, Spiderman and Black Panther.

Despite this movie being a Captain America movie, it feels more like an Avengers movie because of its extensive cast and broad focus. The action scenes are not overbearing like some other superhero movies, and in multiple action scenes, the characters are funny and talkative.

Captain America: Civil War follows the “Marvel Movie Equation” down to the smallest detail. The movie hosts an array of talented actors and vetted directors, visuals that seem as if they pop off the screen, magnificent storytelling, Easter eggs for hardcore fans, a sense of humor that would make Wade Wilson laugh, and the end credit scene we all have come to expect.  The movie may not be perfect to comic book lore, but it does justice and we cannot complain. Whether you are a hardcore comic book nerd or just your average moviegoer, make sure to see it if you have not already while it is still in theaters!

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