The Clarion Doesn’t Rest Over the Summer

Summer is well underway, but the staff of The Clarion has not just been sitting around doing nothing, or walking around in circles catching Pokemon. On July 8 and 9, The Clarion and the school yearbook staff have taken time out of their summers to host a summer boot camp to prepare the new students for the rigors of being a media student.

Incoming and returning students in Kennedy’s media programs have gathered to do icebreakers, team building, and begin work on this year’s projects. Yearbook students have been busy developing the structure for next year’s yearbook. They have also chosen a theme for the 2016-2017 yearbook, which is yet to be revealed. From what The Clarion has witnessed, the yearbook is guaranteed to be restored to its former glory.

The Clarion staff have been hard at work, but everyone needs a break. Here’s some of the action from boot camp.

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