Clown Sightings no Laughing Matter at JFK

By Breanna Thomas, Clarion Staff

The creepy clown sightings have gotten way out of hand. In fact, it has reached various locations across America. CBC News believes it is creepy because they aren’t in a circus or in their normal setting; some even believe they are only creepy if they are made to be creepy. The creepy clown phenomenon is no joke.

CNN states that for the past several months, clowns have been sighted in at least in ten different states and possibly even more. A little boy first sighted a creepy clown in Greenville, South Carolina at his apartment. The young boy said he saw two clowns, and they tried to lure him into the woods.

Clowns have also invaded the web, for example, a page made by a clown called Flomo. The Flomo page made a Facebook post targeting a specific town, Flomaton, Alabama. In addition, the clown has posted various gory clown pictures depicting blood and weapons. Since blowing up on the Internet, parents are concerned about their children’s safety. Middle and high school students across the nation have sighted clowns on their own campuses. Students across the JFK campus are wondering if the clowns will reach JFK.

John Lacey, a JFK senior, said, “Aye! These clowns are a trip, bruh, when I first heard about them I thought it was so funny.”

Michone Thompson, a sophomore, “I feel like some people are going to use it as an opportunity to actually do something bad.”  

I had the pleasure of talking to Dilly Dally, who is a professional clown from Woodland. She doesn’t appreciate what all the creepy clowns are doing and she doesn’t want to put fear in kids all she wants to do is bring joy into their life. She also added that her feet are too big for her to want to chase kids anyway.

In a statement released by Kennedy administration, they indicated they are aware of the creepy clown situation and the school has not received any credible threat regarding the creepy clowns. They advise students to especially be careful online by being mindful of what is posted and not entering online relationships with strangers. No matter the circumstances, please be careful when approached by rainbow-wigged and red-nosed figures.

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