TV Review: Scream Queens

by Jenelle Lum, Clarion Contibutor

It’s October and do you know what that means? It’s time to scream and run for your lives because season two of Scream Queens has premiered. The Chanels are back for another season, but this time, the setting is a hospital.

In season one, a killer disguised in a red devil suit murders people at Wallace University.  A group of girls who live in the Kappa House; the Chanels, (main, 2,3, and 5), investigate the mysterious murders in their house and soon discover the identity of the red devil and have the villain arrested.

In season two, where a hospital is the backdrop, it is a completely different story.   Story concepts have changed and so have a good number of the characters.

I enjoy watching Scream Queens because it is a mystery mixed with comedy. The show is full of surprises and you never know what the producers will give away. In season two (several episodes have already aired), they introduced a character similar to the red devil who is more of a green monster. While the concept of the mysterious killer remains the same, the setting in the hospital provides a change for those looking for something new. I hope you enjoy watching Scream Queens this season and be aware of the green monster.

Scream Queens airs Tuesday evenings on Fox.

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