Proposition 55

by Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff

Measure G which is officially known as Proposition 55 is on the ballot this year. Measure G is the name for the statewide proposal and Proposition 55 is the local Sacramento version of Measure G. This proposition is meant to raise additional revenue for schools, mainly to avoid any future cuts in education that SCUSD may receive due to a future economic downturn. It is going to keep the tax increases on wealthy taxpayers until the year 2030 instead of it expiring in the year 2018. Proposition 55 would raise a slight tax of six dollars a month which equates to $75 per taxable parcel per year for six years. It is important to note there is a senior except to this parcel tax. These would raise around $23 million per year for the years this proposition would be in effect. This would support school programs like art, music, and enrichment programs. Students who need economic assistance and new classroom technology will be funded with Measure G. Additional staff, specialized training for teachers, and lower class sizes would also be funded with this proposition. In addition student teachers will be provided with as many tools as possible to ensure they have a great induction experience into becoming great teachers in our district. Many local teachers are supportive of the measure to ensure access to these programs and prevent future budget cuts like the ones experienced in the Great Recession.

There are some impacts if this proposition does not pass. Some of these effects would include fewer protections for education in an economic downturn. The district will have fewer resources to recreate programs that work and may be subject to cuts after the revenues expire in 2018. At this current moment the district expects that expenses will continue to rise faster than any incoming revenues and income from proposition 55 is expected to help reduce this gap. Groups that are opposed to this proposition include the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers association who believe that these taxes should expire in 2018 since the 2012 promise was they were going to be temporary. These groups say that state budget figures show that higher taxes are not needed to balance the budget and it is only being proposed to grow government.

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