Poem: Am I Really Privileged?

By Samantha Johnson, Clarion Staff

I’m watching my world crumble slowly.

I’m living in a world where you’ll get shamed for not standing for the pledge.

Where we disrespect each other just because someone doesn’t support a movement.

I’m living in a world where you’ll be judged for liking somebody of the same sex.

Women are getting bashed-on by a man who wants to run this nation.

I’m living in a world where right and wrong doesn’t sound the same anymore.

This world is falling apart and I’m watching it happen.

I’m just a bystander.

I’m watching this all happen.

I’m learning about the issues going on everyday.

Teachers are always asking the “what if” questions.

What if none of this happened?

What if those cops didn’t kill those African American men and women?

What if he stood for the national anthem instead of taking a knee?

What if the world wasn’t like this?

So many questions are running through my head but they’re all “what if’s”

What if my words were so strong that people started to think?

What if I could help that poor mother and her child?

What if the world just wasn’t like this?

But, I’m just a bystander.

I’m watching the world fall to pieces.

I’m watching people fight hate with hate.

Everybody is watching this happen and all we do is talk about it.

There’s no such thing as being safe anymore.

I’m living in a place where people travel in packs because it’s better that way.

I’m living in a world where if I say the wrong thing, it could be my life.

Am I really privileged?

I’m frightened by what has happened.

I’m frightened at how people choose to cope with everything happening.

I’m frightened because this world isn’t what we made it out to be.

I’m frightened because people are spreading the word privilege around like it’s nothing.

What is privilege?

Am I really privileged?



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