Heads In The Soundcloud

By John Lacey, Clarion Staff

The students here at Kennedy have a number of different talents and interests. Some draw, paint, work on cars, but not a lot of people know that certain students have been interested in music. Not just for listening, but recording and publishing their own. These musically inclined students upload their own content on a music sharing site Soundcloud. On it, you set up an account, upload or share any song, and see how many plays your song gets. I have heard some of the songs my fellow classmates have posted, and I’m completely dumbfounded. A great deal of the artists sound professional, and have created great verses and choruses along with a hypnotic beat. A couple them even have collabed with one another, and work together to make something special. To me this shows how significant it is to the others. Whether you see it as a hobby or a gimmick, these students see it as a job or a way to make it to the top and you can clearly see it in the way they show it in their music.

Skeptics may say thesoundcloudse artists are just doing this gig to look cool or like a thug, and rap about getting money and all these extravagant things they don’t have. Some do rap about this topic, but majority that i have seen, rap about their life, serious subjects and their feelings. That’s what really makes somebody a lyricist, that’s how you can tell someone takes music seriously. You come to school to learn certain subjects, but you also come to find yourself. These students have found a calling, and that calling is in their music.

Q: What gives you the inspiration for making you music?

Jordan Matsumoto (Rackboy Jordan): I get my inspiration from Wiz Khalifa and Berner. Ive been listening to Wiz since I was 10 and Berner since I was 11 or 12. They inspire me to make music because they just have the type of vibe that isn’t trap and gang related. They just have chill songs that many people can vide to.

Gerardoangelo ($hinagami): Making it out. I just want to make my dreams a real- ity, like a lot of people want to do. My goal is to make it out of Sacramento and get big off my music.

Q: What made you choose this art?

Gerardoangelo ($hinagami): I’ve always liked music since I was little. When I was younger, my uncle and I would have rap battles and Id just do it for fun. But in eighth grade, my friend Rudy was the one who got me to take it serious. I’ve been making music ever since.

Atravien Lemar (Steegod): I chose this art because I’ve always had more to say. Hearing that, “word is bond,” understanding that a voice can make a difference. I want to make a change.

Q: How do you feel when you think about the students listening to your music?

Jordan Matsumoto (Rackboy Jordan): When I think about students listening to my music, I feel like I get a lot of hate. Considering the fact that i’ve only released one or two songs and they aren’t good. I have a lot of songs almost ready to release.

Atravien Lemar (Steegod): Thinking about other students listening to my music… It’s mixed. I know others will have something negative to say, but then there’s the people who may not relate to what I’m saying and judge it off that. I think that some know “relate” to where I get the lyrics and understand that its a growing, work in progress, while others just diss it.

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