Kennedy Women’s Golf Goes In For Success

By Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff

The Women’s Golf team at Kennedy is having a successful season so far with a score of 7-3 from the regular League matches, and winning second place in the Metro League Tournament on October 17th. As Kennedy tied for second place with Laguna Creek at the regular League matches, the Metro League Tournament was the tiebreaker that determined which team (Kennedy or Laguna Creek) will advance to the Divisional Playoffs on October 24th at Eagle Vines Golf Course in Napa.

The teams that participated in the Metro League Tournament include several large schools such as rival high school McClatchy, Sac High, Hiram Johnson, and Kennedy, as well as other competitors from Valley and Laguna Creek. Every team had the opportunity to play each other twice for a total of ten matches. Furthermore, six individual play- ers got to advance to the Divisional Playoffs even if they did not make it as a team. These individuals will be selected based on a point system for each match.

Sophia O’Neal was the number one player on Kennedy’s team for the entire season, and she was awarded an All- League Honors. The coach, John Hoag says, “I’m really proud of our team, they played hard all season and they are getting better with each round they play”.

The Women’s Golf Team at Kennedy has faced every obstacle that came their way and has been able to work as a team to get through them. Jennelle Lum, a player on Kennedy’s team, says, “Our team has been great this year. Everyone gets along and we have all improved since the beginning of the year.” Qualifying for the Divisional playoffs is no small feat. The Clarion hopes that the team will continue their success from the beginning of the season.

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