MCJROTC, A Disciplined Program

Note: This story is part of Freshmen POV: Kennedy Small Learning Communities As freshman, high school can be confusing. A new school, more students, and honestly, it’s really stressful. Coming to this school, we weren’t aware of the amazing and beneficial academies Kennedy High School provided.

By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff

When I hear ROTC, I think of two things: Discipline and Respect.

MCJROTC (Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) both physically and mentally train students to learn respect and to obey rules. If a student does not show respect or follow the rules, the student will be disciplined, which will hopefully prevent the student from making the same mistake twice.

Though the program sounds harsh, M.Sgt. Mundroff detailed some of the advantages of ROTC, “…you gain community interaction, and you are also provided with a good foundation of physical fitness.” Mundroff also noted that students take advantage of the P.E. credits. Some expectations of his are to get an outstanding on the annual uniform inspection and for the cadets to have a good understanding about what the United States Marine Corps is about.

Every Wednesday, the cadets (students) must wear their MCJROTC uniform that they were issued at the beginning of the year. Not only do they have to wear it, they also need to wear it properly and wear it with respect and confidence.

Drill is where the cadets are learning about the ways that they do things in the USMC. One thing the cadets learned in drill is barring. Barring means, “The way you conduct yourself in and out of uniform. That means not being disrespectful in or out of uniform.

Visit the ROTC web site at


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