P.A.C.E. Attracts Many Students Bound for College

Note: This story is part of Freshmen POV: Kennedy Small Learning Communities As freshman, high school can be confusing. A new school, more students, and honestly, it’s really stressful. Coming to this school, we weren’t aware of the amazing and beneficial academies Kennedy High School provided.

By Kessie Ng, Clarion Staff

PACE (Program in America for California Explorations) is a California-themed honors program only offered at Kennedy High School. The goal of PACE is to make sure all students in the program will be qualified to enter any four-year college or university when they finish high school as P.A.C.E alumni.

Many students of the PACE program agree that it is a nice benefit to be in a small community on a big campus. Though the program is rigorous, the program can greatly improve college applications.

The roughly 500 students in the program participate in field trips, community service and cultural events. As told by the PACE director Todd Whalen, “Colleges and universities take into consideration extra-curricular activities, including community service.” The various activities that are required in the program exist to help students discover their interests.

There are many PACErs who have attended storied universities in California, such as UC Berkley, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Davis and many more. According to PACE graduates, they liked the program, especially the field trips. Some students even commented that PACE classes were comparable to their college classes.

PACE is for anyone who enjoys exploring, small communities, and wants to be fully prepared for college. Learn more at jfkpace.org


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