Students Mad About MaD

Note: This story is part of Freshmen POV: Kennedy Small Learning Communities.

As freshman, high school can be confusing. A new school, more students, and honestly, it’s really stressful. Coming to this school, we weren’t aware of the amazing and beneficial academies Kennedy High School provided.

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

The Manufacturing and Design program (MaD) at Kennedy High School, pro- vides a unique and inventive schedule for freshman. Now in its third at Kennedy, MaD currently has 186 students enrolled. MaD offers diverse opportunities for students. Those who apply will be able to specialize in advanced manufacturing and product development, and also study the many aspects of engineering and technology. MaD allows students to explore technical careers and degree programs, leading them to potential careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). As freshman, students are introduced to industry-level equipment like 3D printers, and other modern technologies which are used to prepare and teach students for the future. At the same time, students in the program can accumulate college credits during their freshman year which helps them complete an undergraduate degree when they get to college.

“The MaD program is a great program, we give skills to teens that they can use in careers and opportunities that haven’t even been created yet,” Alfonso Na- varro, a sophomore in MaD, explained.

Mr. Greene, a MaD teacher and robotics coach at Kennedy, stated “Kennedy has multiple amazing programs. MaD specializes in advanced manufacturing and product development. Experience based education is our specialty.”

Students interested in learning more about the MaD program, should visit


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