The World According to Sly

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor

Sly Shelton, Campus Security

The Clarion had the opportunity to talk to one of Kennedy’s longest-serving campus monitors, Sly Shelton to help answer often-asked questions from students on our campus about what we can and cannot do. What are the rules? How can we know when we’re about to break one of those rules?

Earl E. Skidaddle, 12th grade:

I heard all Sacramento City schools are closed campuses. What does that mean?

SLY: It means you don’t leave until the final bell has rung or you got an early dismissal.

Earl E. Skidaddle, 12th grade:

Follow-up question. What about seniors who leave campus after 4th or 5th period?

SLY: They can’t come back until after school’s over or when their after-school activities start.

Edd Foans, 10th grade:

What about electronic devices? The rules seem so confusing, and seem to change depending on who you ask.

SLY: Don’t use your phones, Game Boys, or other gadgets during class unless you got an emergency. You can use them during break, but you gotta leave one ear unplugged or else you ain’t gonna be able to hear nothing. And if you break it or somebody comes and steals it we aren’t responsible.

Tardisha Le Topazzno, 9th grade:

What happens if we’re caught without a late pass on campus after classroom instruction has started?

SLY: You gotta be to class on time cause the teacher’s gotta teach and you gonna be missing stuff if you ain’t there. You should use your passing period and plan your bathroom and locker trips so you don’t miss class.

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