21st Century Women Continue to Fight For Rights

By Aryanna Zavala, Clarion Staff

Women have had many accomplishments over the last one hundred years. Even though they have come a long way from where they were socially sexism still proves to be a big issue in today’s time. We are at the point in time where society is transitioning from the old ways of thinking to the modern ways.

Believe it or not, women recently received the right to vote in 1920, but women must still continue to fight for equal rights. Women over the years have had a hard time fighting for their rights due to society not allowing them to succeed in their ultimate goal. There have been many times where women have rallied together to fight for their rights. What has all this hard work actually gained them? They may have gained rights, better jobs, and more recognition, but there are still some things they are not prominent in. For example, they do not get equal pay to men and there are not as many opportunities for them.

In high school, girls have to work harder to prove that they are intelligent and athletic. It has always been difficult for girls to prove this because there are not as many opportunities for them. As society transitions, girls are striving for a change. Girls in high school should be questioning why there are not as many girls’ sports than boy sports in high school. What even makes a sport a girls’ sport or a boys’ sport?

Girls at Kennedy only have one chance to participate in football during Powder Puff, which reverses the roles in American football. It is an event that only happens once a year. Girls are only allowed to play flag football and are not give them any gear to protect themselves. Why do they give the guys gear and allow them to play tackle football? Girls are just as capable.

First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama

Women have come a long way from where they were one hundred years ago, but they still have a long way to go to be socially equal to men. Michelle Obama said in a speech on October 13, 2016, that women have to, “do what women have always done in this country. We need you to roll up your sleeves. We need to get to work. Because remember this: When they go low, we go high.”

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