Women’s Tennis Rebuilding and Gaining Momentum

By Natassia Aleman, Clarion Staff

Kennedy’s girls’ tennis team is preparing to dominate for a position in the Metro League playoffs. Now, JFK’s juniors are gaining momentum and are working to fill the shoes of last year’s star senior players. Despite the challenges, Coach Ben Teweles is proud of all the players.

Sabrina Leung, the #1 on the ladder and team captain, was asked what she liked about tennis and what made her want to join, she replied, “I really like the atmosphere and my teammates.” She also said that she enjoys playing one-on-one, especially against other #1’s, because most of them are very competitive and are in leagues outside of school.

David Ching has been coaching/assisting men’s and women’s tennis at Kennedy for 10 years. He recalled about his experience coaching on the team, “My coaching with the girls’ team started in 2011 with my daughter. I have really enjoyed working with the girls’ tennis team. Everyone is generally anxious to learn and are good listeners. They pay attention to details and that’s why we often take a new player and teach them how to play within a short time.”



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