Women’s Volleyball Set for Win


By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

As JFK Women’s Volleyball season draws to an exciting close, all players continue to display amazing performances on the court. Despite the hardships and tough competitors, our Varsity team perseveres through. The team has once again secured a spot in the Metro League, currently (at the time of writing) holding a 15-9 overall record, and a 10-0 in their division. If Kennedy attains another Metro League title, this will be their fourth championship win in a row. The JV and freshman teams also are growing in their skills and are dominating their level of play. “We’re growing and getting better. We have had some challenges but that’s what being on a team is all about,” varsity Coach Aaron Pollock, told The Clarion. “My girls, they work hard, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

A standout on the varsity team is JFK senior Verna McKinney. McKinney has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, and started participating on Kennedy’s team her freshman year. When asked what her favorite part of volleyball is, she responded, “…blocking, because it shows dominance over your opponent.”

It is clear that Kennedy has the best team. The key to that success is the team’s chemistry, according to McKinney. “Everyday whether it’s at practice or during a game, we manage to crack jokes, have roasting sessions, and lots of dancing. Because of that I think it makes it easier for us to play together, because we’re always having fun.”

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