Sean Stellato Never Quits

By Natassia Aleman and Matiana Tepa

On November 11, 2016, Sean Stellato, a certified sports agent, motivational speaker, and author, appeared at Kennedy and spoke to a couple hundred students. Two Kennedy alumni had set up the event.

Sean Stellato speaking to Kennedy students.   Photo by Jazmin Flemmer.

Mr. Stellato attended Salem High School in Massachusetts where he was a part of the football team and helped lead the team to a Conference Championship and a high school championship in 1994. Stellato also wrote two books, including No Backing Down, the story of him and his high school football team persevering through obstacles and hardships they were facing. Even though they were faced by challenges, they found a way to continue with the help of an amazing coach and the devotedness of the team as a whole.

After high school Mr. Stellato became a Division 1 student athlete at Marist College, a private college in Poughkeepsie, New York.  He played as leading receiver and graduated cum laude in 2001.   Mr. Stellato is now a successful sports agent representing many professional football players, including Tom Brady. He negotiated contracts with the Eagles, Patriots, Jaguars, Packers and others.  He is the author of two books;  4th and Long The Odds: My Journey, and No Backing Down.

Sean Stellato signing books for Kennedy students. Photo by Leticia Esparza.

Stellato talked a lot about his hardships and how he fought for his success.

He stressed the importance of not backing down and assured that no matter how small one seems, it is possible to rise against challenges. He stated, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”


One thought on “Sean Stellato Never Quits

  1. Only a couple hundred kids got to hear him out of how many kids at Kennedy?   that’s a shame.  did they all know? Were they all invited? Pam Rock


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