Night Lights

By: Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff

Glowing lights in the dark






On a cold winter night I look out my window

It’s dark and foggy

Cozied up in my green blanket on my red couch

The Christmas tree is lit up and presents bundle up under the tree

Warm chocolate chip cookie aroma flows through my nose

Making my mouth water waiting impatiently for them to be done

Awaiting until midnight strikes

Watching Christmas movies, the absolute one that I liked

Timer goes off, and my eyes start to widen

Walking towards the kitchen I open the oven

Take the cookies out starts to bring me joy

Then I started to hear this big loud noise

My brothers rapidly race down the stairs

I guess they smelled the aroma too

I grab about two or three cookies

Finish watching my Christmas movie

Still waiting for midnight to strike

As the Christmas tree still remains lit up with night-lights


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