Hoopsters Prevail in Friday 13th Contest Against Rival

By Katelyn Yang, Clarion Staff

On Friday, January 13, Kennedy boys basketball teams played three home games against rival school, McClatchy. The Kennedy teams at all three levels played amazingly, showing how hard they’ve worked to be as good as they are now, and will only continue to improve as the season progresses.   The winning scores were freshman 42-37, junior varsity 75-47, and varsity 62-54.

Coach Fong was very proud of all his players and believes that they will continue to do well in the season. “We started off very slow, lot of fouls… just dribbling too much… [We] played much better in the second-half,” he told the Clarion. He felt that there was more tension and excitement among the players since their opponent was McClatchy, but he stated that their toughest opponents this season are Burbank and Sac High.

Cougar player Khnemu Riddick scores against rival McClatchy
Cougar player Khnemu Riddick scores against rival McClatchy (Clarion photo by Alex Ng)

Reviewing the season so far, the Kennedy Cougars have been playing extremely well. (As of presstime) Varsity is on a winning streak of three games and JV also on a winning streak of seven games, and Freshman have won about half of their games. Varsity is currently ranked 12th in the San-Joaquin Section Division 1 Rankings, 36th in the San-Joaquin Section Rankings.   Looking at past scores, it is safe to say our basketball teams will continue to strive for more wins this season and bring Kennedy more victories.

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