Women’s Soccer Team Reaching Their Goal

By Matiana Tepa, Features Editor

Women’s Soccer is one of the best sports teams at Kennedy this year. However, the team has been overlooked tremendously compared to the other sports teams. With the amount of skill and passion the girls play with, this shouldn’t be the case. They practice everyday with games sometimes three times a week. With C.I.F, the California Interscholastic Federation, changing the soccer season from a spring sport to a winter sport this year, they’ve also had to deal with the indecisive weather. Despite all the problems they started this season with, they’ve been doing exceptionally well. With their record being two-to-one so far and winning Metro last year, one can clearly see they’ve overcome all the challenges thrown at them. I think its time to show our women’s soccer team some well deserved recognition.

The obstacles the team has had to face brought the team closer together, in an interview with the goalkeeper for the varsity team, Natassia Aleman-Teweles, was asked what she thought of her teammates. She said, “My teammates are cool!” Aleman-Teweles was also asked about how the season is going so far and where she sees the rest of the season going, “So far, I have high hopes for this season. I think we have a pretty good chance of winning Metro this season, but we have to play smart.” The student body can help the team reach their goal and play to their full potential by attending games and supporting them.

Jennifer Munoz takes the ball and rushes the opponent's goal (photo by Keegan Morris)
Jennifer Munoz takes the ball and rushes the opponent’s goal (photo by Keegan Morris)

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