John F. Kennedy High School: By the Numbers

By Cameron Cowling, Web Editor

Kennedy is a very large school, and a diverse one too. Through current data found on the SCUSD Data Dashboard (, anyone can access school enrollment and racial diversity numbers as of September 1st of the current school year, the graduation and attendance rates from the school year before last year, and more.

enrollment-by-grade_colorThe pie chart shown here breaks down enrollment by grade at JFK. Based on a total of 2,328 students enrolled, 636, or 27.3% are freshmen, making them the largest class at Kennedy. The smallest group is juniors with only 519 or 22.3% of the total student body.


The graph shown below breaks down enrollment by race at Kennedy. Based on a total of 2,328 students enrolled, the three largest groups are Hispanic 710 students or 30.5%, Asian 670 students or 28.8%, and African American students 459 or 19.7%.  The remaining categories are White students 279 or 12.0%, two or more races 149 or 6.4%, and other (includes Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Native American) 60 or 2.6%.



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