Movie Review: Why Him?

By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff

John Hamburg created a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, and James Franco, about an overprotective father played by Cranston who travels all the way to California to visit his daughter at college, where she meets her boyfriend, a smiling scoundrel named Laird Mayhew (Franco). Franco, who has been cast as a mischievous flake in numerous roles before, excels in his portrayal of the boyfriend.

Ned (Cranston) is a dad who learns that his beloved daughter, Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) who is near the end of her four years at Stanford, is dating a guy who’s a vintage Franco prankster of outrage. He is a Silicon Valley kid and also is a famous video-game developer. Even though his personality is goofy, the joke carries a satirical kick. After being invited to a Christmas party by his Stephanie and Laird at a remote, barricaded Palo Alto mansion, Ned and his wife Barb (Megan Mullally) discover Laird’s true, wild personality. Laird greets them as a shirtless tattooed party boy who cannot stop dropping F-bombs. On top of that, he acts like he has been a part of their family for at least 10 years. Franco makes Laird a New Age explorer, and a frat-house jester at the same time.

The movie was really funny because Laird was so outgoing with the parents even though he had just met them. My favorite scene from the movie was when the parents went to California to visit their daughter and they meet Laird.   Overall, the movie is hilarious, although it is a bit vulgar.



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