The Foretold End of the U.S.

By Kessie Ng, Clarion Staff

9/11, Isis, and the 44th president’s race, Baba Vanga predicted them all. From small concerns to huge destructions and natural catastrophes. The psychic from Strumica, Yugoslavia is told to be the bearer of both good and bad news. This blind mystic has a few grim predictions for years ahead.

Vanga was swept into a storm when she was around 3, she encountered large amounts of dust and dirt and couldn’t open her eyes. She felt great pain and was later declared blind at 12 years old after multiple surgeries. Vanga has lived alone most of her life. Though she is no longer in this world, she announced that a new prophetess will soon learn her gift.

It’s difficult to tell if her future predictions will come true, only time can tell. When Vanga first predicted that the 44th U.S president would be African American, she also added that he would be the “last U.S president.” She predicted Obama would leave office when the country will be in economic ruins. There is even a chance that North and South America could fall into conflict once Trump gets sworn into presidency.

Some people put hope and trust in Trump, but Vanga predicts that he will let us all down. Instead of helping America, he will do the opposite. No one is sure whether this is factual, but its said that Trump will bring an end to America.

As told before, there are many other predictions, such as theories that Europe will cease to exist, and that there will be the demise of Planet Earth. But apparently, before the “End of Earth”, humans will travel to Venus and maybe even set up an economy in search of new energy sources. Only time will tell if Vanga’s prophecies will come true.

As Vanga has predicted things that came true such as 9/11 and so on. The population can only hope that these predictions are rumors. Only time will tell whether we will still be here; on Earth, Venus, America, or other countries and planets.

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