A Novel Class For Art Fans

By Mai Houa Thao, Clarion Staff

Many people wish to possess a skill that they lack or to improve a skill they already have. For some people, that desired skill is drawing as well as the anime and graphic novels they’ve seen. At Kennedy, this wish can come true. Mr. Phanthai’s unique class “The Art of The Graphic Novel” teaches students about drawing, graphic novels, comic book style and format, sketching, and fundamental techniques. This class also instructs students on how to tell a story through storyboards and much more. The students in the class come from a wide range of skill levels, but all of them come together through their shared interests. Anyone with a passion for art can make a new friend in the class, Mr. Phanthai assigns ten projects each semester. Grades are based on projects and other work done in the class.

Clarion photo by Mai Houa Thao

Some might wonder what the difference is between Mr. Phanthai’s 7th period and a regular art class. During-the-day art classes, such as Beginning Art and 3-D Art are offered for students to complete their fine arts graduation and a-g requirements, as well as learn about art. “The Art of the Graphic Novel” is offered to give students extra time to enjoy arts outside of normal art class, which lasts only an hour a day. Like the other classes in the ASSETs program, Mr. Phanthai’s class allows students to follow their interests.

Tyrus Stewart, a senior in the class, said he could barely draw last year but is now able to draw his favorite character, since joining the class. Stewart expressed, “I choose this class because I really love art and it is like a second soul to me, and this class is special because there is a lot of different people with different personality here, and the teacher is great.”

Ah Her, a sophomore, said that she joined because she wanted to learn how to draw. “I join this class because I want to practice drawing and want to learn how to draw. Also I like the drawing and the atmosphere in the classroom,” she explained. Both Stewart and Her added that their drawing skills have improved since joining the class.

Clarion photo by Mai Houa Thao


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